Wedding? Selfie Time

You can run but you can’t hide. We as a population have hit the selfie era. In fact it seems like our lives revolve around taking selfies by ourselves and with others. There are endless hashtags and people are even idolise someone’s lifestyle based on their instagram pictures. Instagram stars like the Kardashians and Dan Bilzerian are in fact making a killing off of simply just taking photos of their mug. But who is to blame them? If you’ve got it flaunt it, and if you don’t, Drakes of London will get you one step closer! Although why people idolise them so much is pretty questionable. When holding a wedding you pretty much need to accept that there will be selfies…everywhere. The selfie seems to be here to stay and is even being enhanced with new tech which you can see below:

The Selfie Stick

Sure taking a selfie by yourself (clue is in the name) is the original way to do it and phones are the perfect shape to do just that. However group selfies become a lot more difficult when you can’t fit everyone in. That’s where the selfie-stick comes in. Simply just place your phone at the end of the selfie-stick and gather everyone round. Make sure you’ve had laser hair removal ealing by silky smooth for those full body shots! And don’t forget to pay attention! There have been a few accidents with people being hit by selfie-sticks.Derek-Wong-Photography-Wedding-15

The Selfie Toaster

If you are a fan of toast then this is probably the photography gadget for you. You can now take a selfie and the selfie will be toasted onto your morning breakfast. That certainly will make the morning a little better although not all of us are pretty faces when we first wake up.o-SELFIE-TOASTER-facebook

The Perfect Dog Selfie

Taking a selfie with friends and family couldn’t be easier. Everyone seems to be up for it. Pets on the other hand are definitely camera shy, which can be a pain really when most of us would rather have selfies with our pets than with other people. Finally the perfect selfie gadget has arrived to keep your pets attention whilst youPoochSelfie

The Selfie Pod

At events whether it is a wedding reception, a party or even a corporate event taking selfies can get pretty hectic. With the introduction of the selfie pod hire blurry, crowded selfies will no longer be thing. Whether you want to get a quick snap or a full group photo you can get the perfect selfie in a matter of minutes.7135484_orig




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