Tips for Picking a Wedding Photographer

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a wedding day is the photographer. Your photographer will provide you with images that will provide a lasting memory of your special day.jake-morley-photographer-323

  • Nowadays, any reliable business will have their own up-to-date website. Ensure that their contact details are provided, including a full address and landline contact number. Ensure that the website provides evidence of their work, and scroll through it all to get an idea of their style.
  • Linking to the previous point, choose someone whose style of photography suits you, and who you and your partner feel comfortable with. The last thing you want is someone who clashes with you both, and does not provide you with photographs you like. You should also seek a photographer who captures photographs in high quality.
  • Check for previous experience. Ask them for evidence if it is not provided on their website
  • Ask questions! Do they have an assistant? How many photographs do they take on average? Do they capture in black and white and colour? Do they provide coverage from the bride’s house until after the reception?
  • Ensure they are passionate. If they are lazy, and generally have a bad attitude towards taking photographs, chances are they won’t provide you with a service you like. On the other hand, someone who is passionate and enjoys what they do is more likely to provide you with good services.
  • There are standard shots that most photographers take. Cutting the cake, signing the register and so on. If you desire custom shots, then ask them if they can provide this service.
  • Value for money should be a mediating factor in making your decision. Your photographer should provide a variety of different priced packages, and ensure to look for hidden extras!
  • Look for and read through reviews. Be it from word of mouth from friends who have hired a wedding photographer, or from online reviews. Even ask the photographer you are thinking of hiring. A good photographer will have reviews and recommendations to hand, ready to show you.


Those are the basic tips for hiring South Wales wedding photographers who suits you. A photographer you get along with will provide you with the most enchanting photographs that will provide long lasting memories, helping you remember one of the best days of your life.

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