Things Not To Forget For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to a wedding there are so many things you’ll need that you’ll lose count. Things such as ensuring your venue has enough Co2 cylinders for the night to keep the beer lively. It all looks so easy when you attend other people’s weddings. I bet you never realised you’d have napkins up to your earholes or even wedding magazines. The truth is you can never be prepared enough for a wedding, no matter how much work you put in. But it doesn’t help to seek some advice from someone who’s been there. Here’s a few bits you might overlook:


You may hire catering for your wedding or simply just prepare a buffet but always check whether cutlery is included. There can be nothing worse than having a fancy sit down dinner that no one can eat. 8269dcfd-6d9f-4769-bc17-a28100e223f8~sc_610.407

Lighting Hire

You can’t have a great wedding reception without lighting. Everyone wants to dance at a reception and with lighting hire from DPL you’ve got the perfect disco.LED-Up-lighter-Hire-for-Balls-Dinners

Seat Order

Often when guests turn up to a wedding they don’t know where to sit. This can cause a lot of arguments as you can guess. Some relatives may feel they are entitled to a better seat due to being a relative, or a friend may take a seat that a relative felt they were entitled to. Make sure you set out a layout to avoid any knockouts on your wedding day.2664575_orig


Things can always go wrong during a wedding. If there is an important detail of a wedding make sure you back that detail up. For example, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup veil in case it rips. No bride wants her wedding day ruined because of a small detail. Ensure that the bride has everything she needs in case of an emergency, after all, she is the star of the day! When it comes to her bridal makeup, ensure that there is a makeup artist on hand to amend any bits of makeup. You can visit to provide wonderful, professional, on-hand makeup on your wedding



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