How do Filipinos Celebrate Wedding Ceremonies?

How do Filipinos celebrate wedding ceremonies might sound unusual to foreigners, however when they get an opportunity to experience a conventional Filipino wedding ceremony, they’ll definitely like the experience. Wedding ceremonies in the Philippines aren’t a one day occasion. The wedding planning takes a long time. And then arrives the big day itself that generally starts from sun up to sun down.

Filipino wedding ceremonies are usually solemnized in the chapel, facilitated by a Catholic pastor or a priest, based on the religious beliefs of the couple. Garden wedding ceremonies are becoming very popular nowadays, as well, however generally they’re permitted only if it’s not going to be a Catholic wedding ceremony.. If it’s, the couple should have been betrothed in civil rites initially for them to get approval to get betrothed in a non church environment.

Catholic weddings, no matter where they’re commemorated, typically takes over an hour or so to complete. The bride arrives in a wedding vehicle, a buggy, or some other form of transport for that matter simply minutes prior to the wedding ceremony. Then the bells of the church ring, indicating the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The wedding starts with the religious processional of the wedding ceremony entourage consisting of the bridegroom, the parents of the bridegroom, the key sponsors (a few have as much as Twenty pairs of primary sponsors!) who’ll stand as witnesses, additional sponsors who’ll light the candle, and place on the veil and cord, the bridesmaid, the bride’s maids, the best man, the junior bride’s maids, the coin holder, the ring holder, the bible holder, the flower women, and lastly the bride that might or might not be alongside her parents. Occasionally, the processional on its own may take Twenty minutes already!

The mass proper then starts; involved within are the wedding ceremony traditions like the exchange of wedding vows, the exchange of wedding rings, and the offering of the arrhae. A photography shoot following the mass is traditional. This may take an additional Thirty minutes to one hour. If you would like this part to be arranged, better obtain the expertise of a wedding photographer that has great expertise taking wedding pictures.

Following the wedding ceremony, the attendees go to the wedding reception. It may be in a resort or in the bride’s home. Resort receptions can be quite costly, however they are generally less hectic for the bride and groom and their family members because they no longer have to worry anymore than they currently have. Receptions organised inside the house are more relaxing and enjoyable, however. All the neighbours get invited that make the occasion really wonderful. They’re also more affordable, however can be more exhausting.

Throughout the reception, the typical traditions, like the cutting of the cake, the tossing and catching of bridal bouquet and garter, and releasing the doves, are witnessed, with a few distinctions. There’s a good amount of food items, plenty of table hopping, welcoming guests and friends, picture taking, singing, dancing, and tears of happiness.

So how do Filipinos commemorate wedding ceremonies? Well, Filipino wedding ceremonies are joyously commemorated, without doubt!

T-Shirt Personalisation For Newly-Weds


Couples are notorious for wearing matching clothes or couples shirts as they call it. In fact, because of this behavior there are brands that have been launched exclusively for couples, knowing that lovebirds just dig matching items, especially shirts. While not everybody may not understand or get it, much more jump into the bandwagon, we can still appreciate how adorable some couples who does.

Reason Behind The Act

Though not all couples, as mentioned, are into wearing couple shirt, I guess we can easily tell why they like doing it. When people are in love, the feeling is beyond overwhelming that sometime saying “I Love You” to their partner is not enough. They feel the need to somehow scream on top of their lungs as they profess their feelings for each other. However, doing so while out having a date all the time can be a little over the top so as an alternative they just wear the hearts on their sleeves. Aside from it can be a way to show how happy and lucky in love they are, somehow it’s also a way for them to mark their partners are theirs. It’s a non-verbal way of saying “He/she is mine, so back off!” it’s a little intense but we all know how possessive we can be when it comes to the person we care about a lot.

T-Shirt Personalisation

Having said all of this, why not try wearing couple shirts that are personalised? Store bought couple shirts are nice but if you guys wanna up the ante then t-shirt personalisation from MPC is for you. Aside from wearing an obviously matching shirt, it will also be your own designs that you can’t get in any store. It’s unique, sweet, creative and fun at the same time! If you’re all for couple shirts then you must try this and have shirts that really describes you as a couple.

Things To Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Hiring Him

lynxstudioMany couples hire wedding videographers to document their day further than the standard method of taking photographs. However finding average wedding wedding videographers is as easy as finding an alloy wheel repair company. They are everywhere! However finding a high quality alloy wheel repair company takes a lot of research and hard work, much like finding the best wedding videographer. If you’re searching for a videographer, we have a list of tips and things to look for before committing to hiring a certain videographer.

His Video Style

Different wedding videographers have different video styles. Don’t simply assume that the guy you’re talking to can do an artistic movie of the wedding or traditional video just because he’s a videographer. Tell him the video style you like and ask him directly if that’s his style. It would be best if you’re on the same page all the time.

The Type Of Coverage He Offers

Your videographer should be able to lay a couple of coverage he offers where you can choose depending on your wedding schedule, style, and budget. If he’s only discussing one type of coverage to you, see other videographer who can present you with more options to choose from. Just remember that once you have picked one package, it should all be detailed in the contract.

His Equipments

First off, audio. Ask him how he handles audio throughout the wedding. It’s important to know as early as the first meeting to avoid forgetting about it or be surprised with microphone hanging over you or everyone on the day. You can breathe easy when he says wireless mic, because that would guarantee clear sounds. Second, cameras or lighting. Harsh or obtrusive lightings are absolute no-no. Nowadays, high-tech wedding videographer video cameras are light sensitive, and that’s what you should hear from him.

If He Offers HD-Ready Video

If you’ll be spending money on your wedding video, you’d want it to be worth it. So a videographer who offers HD-ready videos that offers the sharpest pictures and will be compatible with any equipment you use is a better choice than the other guy who doesn’t.

His Editing Process

Professional wedding videographers including Paul Hubbard take three hours to edit an hour of video footage. He also starts the editing on his compute after the film negative is uploaded. Try not to be swayed by the money you’d be able to save on those videographers who use an in-camera editing, because the video they produce are usually low-quality.