Things Not To Forget For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to a wedding there are so many things you’ll need that you’ll lose count. Things such as ensuring your venue has enough Co2 cylinders for the night to keep the beer lively. It all looks so easy when you attend other people’s weddings. I bet you never realised you’d have napkins up to your earholes or even wedding magazines. The truth is you can never be prepared enough for a wedding, no matter how much work you put in. But it doesn’t help to seek some advice from someone who’s been there. Here’s a few bits you might overlook:


You may hire catering for your wedding or simply just prepare a buffet but always check whether cutlery is included. There can be nothing worse than having a fancy sit down dinner that no one can eat. 8269dcfd-6d9f-4769-bc17-a28100e223f8~sc_610.407

Lighting Hire

You can’t have a great wedding reception without lighting. Everyone wants to dance at a reception and with lighting hire from DPL you’ve got the perfect disco.LED-Up-lighter-Hire-for-Balls-Dinners

Seat Order

Often when guests turn up to a wedding they don’t know where to sit. This can cause a lot of arguments as you can guess. Some relatives may feel they are entitled to a better seat due to being a relative, or a friend may take a seat that a relative felt they were entitled to. Make sure you set out a layout to avoid any knockouts on your wedding day.2664575_orig


Things can always go wrong during a wedding. If there is an important detail of a wedding make sure you back that detail up. For example, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup veil in case it rips. No bride wants her wedding day ruined because of a small detail. Ensure that the bride has everything she needs in case of an emergency, after all, she is the star of the day! When it comes to her bridal makeup, ensure that there is a makeup artist on hand to amend any bits of makeup. You can visit to provide wonderful, professional, on-hand makeup on your wedding



Reasons People Can’t Get Enough Of Magic Tricks

DSC_6521-copyIt Makes People Think About Beyond The Realms Of Possibility

Making objects disappear, tearing things apart then putting them back, and figuring out what in someone else’s head are just some of the magic tricks that never gets old. Magicians show an act that is impossible but somehow manage to make it possible, and never fails to catch anyone’s attention. People love thinking that maybe magic, angles, devils and all those kind of things are real. That’s why a magician in an event is a great way to entertain people.

People Enjoy Knowing It’s A Trick Yet Fail To Perform It Themselves

Despite wanting for all of those to be real, we know for a fact that they’re all tricks which the magician studied and practiced. So we all have this thinking that those tricks can’t be that hard, hence we try it and fail over and over. Though, such skills can be acquired, some magicians are just natural when it comes to what they do that’s why not everybody can do it as good as they do.

Being Impressed By A Skill We Know Takes A Lot Of Practice And Experience Is Fun

People today are smarter and harder to convince, so for magicians to be able to execute their tricks without people seeing loopholes, wires, or any sign of cheat is just awesome. Just imagine wedding magicians who perform their magic right in front of guests, table by table, and their trick not being caught in such a close up setting. Isn’t that impressive? We all love it when we can’t believe our own eyes.

We All Secretly Would Like To Be Magicians

When someone’s performing, especially a wedding magician who just renders people either speechless or screaming in awe, don’t we all somehow envy the guy? Being able to effortlessly keep guests attention, smoothly performing a skill not any regular person possess, making people second guess themselves, and leaving them entertained all at the same time, just feels good. Most people, though some won’t admit it, wish they can do that. That’s why magic is so appealing.

Tips for Picking a Wedding Photographer

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a wedding day is the photographer. Your photographer will provide you with images that will provide a lasting memory of your special day.jake-morley-photographer-323

  • Nowadays, any reliable business will have their own up-to-date website. Ensure that their contact details are provided, including a full address and landline contact number. Ensure that the website provides evidence of their work, and scroll through it all to get an idea of their style.
  • Linking to the previous point, choose someone whose style of photography suits you, and who you and your partner feel comfortable with. The last thing you want is someone who clashes with you both, and does not provide you with photographs you like. You should also seek a photographer who captures photographs in high quality.
  • Check for previous experience. Ask them for evidence if it is not provided on their website
  • Ask questions! Do they have an assistant? How many photographs do they take on average? Do they capture in black and white and colour? Do they provide coverage from the bride’s house until after the reception?
  • Ensure they are passionate. If they are lazy, and generally have a bad attitude towards taking photographs, chances are they won’t provide you with a service you like. On the other hand, someone who is passionate and enjoys what they do is more likely to provide you with good services.
  • There are standard shots that most photographers take. Cutting the cake, signing the register and so on. If you desire custom shots, then ask them if they can provide this service.
  • Value for money should be a mediating factor in making your decision. Your photographer should provide a variety of different priced packages, and ensure to look for hidden extras!
  • Look for and read through reviews. Be it from word of mouth from friends who have hired a wedding photographer, or from online reviews. Even ask the photographer you are thinking of hiring. A good photographer will have reviews and recommendations to hand, ready to show you.


Those are the basic tips for hiring South Wales wedding photographers who suits you. A photographer you get along with will provide you with the most enchanting photographs that will provide long lasting memories, helping you remember one of the best days of your life.

How To Choose A Wedding Car

There is a wide range of different types of wedding cars, so choosing one for your big day is difficult. But, of course you want the perfect car for your big day! If you’re seeking wedding cars in Cardiff or elsewhere, most hire services provide the same basic types of wedding transport. So, let this article briefly highlight the different types of wedding car available to you, in order to help you make the best choice!


Vintage wedding cars are a popular selection for couples wanting to make a big entrance on their special day. Despite their old age, most vintage cars are well maintained, thus are just as reliable as any modern car available. This means they are unlikely to let you down! Vintage cars also provide wonderful photo opportunities!


Classic cars are those build before 1973 (UK specifications), and are available in any style to suit any taste. Perhaps the most popular type is the Bentley. As with vintage cars, when well maintained, classic cars are equally as reliable as a modern motor vehicle. Again, as with vintage cars, classic vehicles provide extraordinary photo opportunities.


The most popular modern wedding car brands are Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes and Royles Royces. Modern cars provide a stylish option to travel to your big event, which is guaranteed to make an entrance! You are guaranteed to look, and feel glamourous!

Alternative Travel

Alternative ways of travelling to weddings have become increasingly more popular for couples. Any type of vehicle could be used. Ice cream trucks, helicopters, tanks, Supercar Hire – you name it, it’s possible! You are guaranteed to make and statement with such a unique method of travel!

After reading this article, we hope you have a better idea with regards to types of transport, and which one will be the best choice for you! No matter your choice, we are sure you will have a great day!



Wedding? Selfie Time

You can run but you can’t hide. We as a population have hit the selfie era. In fact it seems like our lives revolve around taking selfies by ourselves and with others. There are endless hashtags and people are even idolise someone’s lifestyle based on their instagram pictures. Instagram stars like the Kardashians and Dan Bilzerian are in fact making a killing off of simply just taking photos of their mug. But who is to blame them? If you’ve got it flaunt it, and if you don’t, Drakes of London will get you one step closer! Although why people idolise them so much is pretty questionable. When holding a wedding you pretty much need to accept that there will be selfies…everywhere. The selfie seems to be here to stay and is even being enhanced with new tech which you can see below:

The Selfie Stick

Sure taking a selfie by yourself (clue is in the name) is the original way to do it and phones are the perfect shape to do just that. However group selfies become a lot more difficult when you can’t fit everyone in. That’s where the selfie-stick comes in. Simply just place your phone at the end of the selfie-stick and gather everyone round. Make sure you’ve had laser hair removal ealing by silky smooth for those full body shots! And don’t forget to pay attention! There have been a few accidents with people being hit by selfie-sticks.Derek-Wong-Photography-Wedding-15

The Selfie Toaster

If you are a fan of toast then this is probably the photography gadget for you. You can now take a selfie and the selfie will be toasted onto your morning breakfast. That certainly will make the morning a little better although not all of us are pretty faces when we first wake up.o-SELFIE-TOASTER-facebook

The Perfect Dog Selfie

Taking a selfie with friends and family couldn’t be easier. Everyone seems to be up for it. Pets on the other hand are definitely camera shy, which can be a pain really when most of us would rather have selfies with our pets than with other people. Finally the perfect selfie gadget has arrived to keep your pets attention whilst youPoochSelfie

The Selfie Pod

At events whether it is a wedding reception, a party or even a corporate event taking selfies can get pretty hectic. With the introduction of the selfie pod hire blurry, crowded selfies will no longer be thing. Whether you want to get a quick snap or a full group photo you can get the perfect selfie in a matter of minutes.7135484_orig




How do Filipinos Celebrate Wedding Ceremonies?

How do Filipinos celebrate wedding ceremonies might sound unusual to foreigners, however when they get an opportunity to experience a conventional Filipino wedding ceremony, they’ll definitely like the experience. Wedding ceremonies in the Philippines aren’t a one day occasion. The wedding planning takes a long time. And then arrives the big day itself that generally starts from sun up to sun down.

Filipino wedding ceremonies are usually solemnized in the chapel, facilitated by a Catholic pastor or a priest, based on the religious beliefs of the couple. Garden wedding ceremonies are becoming very popular nowadays, as well, however generally they’re permitted only if it’s not going to be a Catholic wedding ceremony.. If it’s, the couple should have been betrothed in civil rites initially for them to get approval to get betrothed in a non church environment.

Catholic weddings, no matter where they’re commemorated, typically takes over an hour or so to complete. The bride arrives in a wedding vehicle, a buggy, or some other form of transport for that matter simply minutes prior to the wedding ceremony. Then the bells of the church ring, indicating the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The wedding starts with the religious processional of the wedding ceremony entourage consisting of the bridegroom, the parents of the bridegroom, the key sponsors (a few have as much as Twenty pairs of primary sponsors!) who’ll stand as witnesses, additional sponsors who’ll light the candle, and place on the veil and cord, the bridesmaid, the bride’s maids, the best man, the junior bride’s maids, the coin holder, the ring holder, the bible holder, the flower women, and lastly the bride that might or might not be alongside her parents. Occasionally, the processional on its own may take Twenty minutes already!

The mass proper then starts; involved within are the wedding ceremony traditions like the exchange of wedding vows, the exchange of wedding rings, and the offering of the arrhae. A photography shoot following the mass is traditional. This may take an additional Thirty minutes to one hour. If you would like this part to be arranged, better obtain the expertise of a wedding photographer that has great expertise taking wedding pictures.

Following the wedding ceremony, the attendees go to the wedding reception. It may be in a resort or in the bride’s home. Resort receptions can be quite costly, however they are generally less hectic for the bride and groom and their family members because they no longer have to worry anymore than they currently have. Receptions organised inside the house are more relaxing and enjoyable, however. All the neighbours get invited that make the occasion really wonderful. They’re also more affordable, however can be more exhausting.

Throughout the reception, the typical traditions, like the cutting of the cake, the tossing and catching of bridal bouquet and garter, and releasing the doves, are witnessed, with a few distinctions. There’s a good amount of food items, plenty of table hopping, welcoming guests and friends, picture taking, singing, dancing, and tears of happiness.

So how do Filipinos commemorate wedding ceremonies? Well, Filipino wedding ceremonies are joyously commemorated, without doubt!

T-Shirt Personalisation For Newly-Weds


Couples are notorious for wearing matching clothes or couples shirts as they call it. In fact, because of this behavior there are brands that have been launched exclusively for couples, knowing that lovebirds just dig matching items, especially shirts. While not everybody may not understand or get it, much more jump into the bandwagon, we can still appreciate how adorable some couples who does.

Reason Behind The Act

Though not all couples, as mentioned, are into wearing couple shirt, I guess we can easily tell why they like doing it. When people are in love, the feeling is beyond overwhelming that sometime saying “I Love You” to their partner is not enough. They feel the need to somehow scream on top of their lungs as they profess their feelings for each other. However, doing so while out having a date all the time can be a little over the top so as an alternative they just wear the hearts on their sleeves. Aside from it can be a way to show how happy and lucky in love they are, somehow it’s also a way for them to mark their partners are theirs. It’s a non-verbal way of saying “He/she is mine, so back off!” it’s a little intense but we all know how possessive we can be when it comes to the person we care about a lot.

T-Shirt Personalisation

Having said all of this, why not try wearing couple shirts that are personalised? Store bought couple shirts are nice but if you guys wanna up the ante then t-shirt personalisation from MPC is for you. Aside from wearing an obviously matching shirt, it will also be your own designs that you can’t get in any store. It’s unique, sweet, creative and fun at the same time! If you’re all for couple shirts then you must try this and have shirts that really describes you as a couple.