Things To Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Hiring Him

lynxstudioMany couples hire wedding videographers to document their day further than the standard method of taking photographs. However finding average wedding wedding videographers is as easy as finding an alloy wheel repair company. They are everywhere! However finding a high quality alloy wheel repair company takes a lot of research and hard work, much like finding the best wedding videographer. If you’re searching for a videographer, we have a list of tips and things to look for before committing to hiring a certain videographer.

His Video Style

Different wedding videographers have different video styles. Don’t simply assume that the guy you’re talking to can do an artistic movie of the wedding or traditional video just because he’s a videographer. Tell him the video style you like and ask him directly if that’s his style. It would be best if you’re on the same page all the time.

The Type Of Coverage He Offers

Your videographer should be able to lay a couple of coverage he offers where you can choose depending on your wedding schedule, style, and budget. If he’s only discussing one type of coverage to you, see other videographer who can present you with more options to choose from. Just remember that once you have picked one package, it should all be detailed in the contract.

His Equipments

First off, audio. Ask him how he handles audio throughout the wedding. It’s important to know as early as the first meeting to avoid forgetting about it or be surprised with microphone hanging over you or everyone on the day. You can breathe easy when he says wireless mic, because that would guarantee clear sounds. Second, cameras or lighting. Harsh or obtrusive lightings are absolute no-no. Nowadays, high-tech wedding videographer video cameras are light sensitive, and that’s what you should hear from him.

If He Offers HD-Ready Video

If you’ll be spending money on your wedding video, you’d want it to be worth it. So a videographer who offers HD-ready videos that offers the sharpest pictures and will be compatible with any equipment you use is a better choice than the other guy who doesn’t.

His Editing Process

Professional wedding videographers including Paul Hubbard take three hours to edit an hour of video footage. He also starts the editing on his compute after the film negative is uploaded. Try not to be swayed by the money you’d be able to save on those videographers who use an in-camera editing, because the video they produce are usually low-quality.